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5 years – UAB Raimda auditas

UAB Raimda auditas was established on the 15th of May, 2010.

Lithuania received back its Independence 25 years ago, in comparison, existence of company for 5 years is not a short period.

During this period has been written a lot of Articles/(binary - provided seminars) in scrutinizing different areas:

-  Taxes (Lithuanian tax system, British tax system)

-  Accounting (IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards); Lithuanian Business accounting standards)

-  Legislation (labour law), civil legislation.

Articles (seminars/courses) are counted not by units but by dozens.

We are very active in writing requests on complicated-sophisticated areas for the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate, SODRA* and Lithuanian Labour Inspectorate.

These requests are provided in huge amounts, nearly ten answers from these requests were prolonged, according to that, these issues were raised for the first time in the Lithuanian legislation, tax area practice or that they are very complicated. Furthermore we are still waiting for the answer from the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate for more than 6 months on the particular complicated question (VAT issue) that is related with EU court practise.

For the last years, perhaps we were one of the first entities from the Lithuania that provided commentaries about ED (exposure drafts) at the London established IASB (International Accounting Standard Board) and for the American organisation IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

Our aim is to help all clients in all areas: audit, accounting, tax and legislation area in order that business in Lithuania would be done easier.


 *SODRA – State social insurance fund board of the Republic of Lithuania under the ministry of social security and labour