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Nothing is brought on a plate, you have to earn your place under the sun

“It is said that there are three master-keys that you can unlock the world with: number, letter and note, and I have always loved them all – calculating, reading books and listening to the music,” says the director of Raimda auditas UAB, certified auditor and the member of ACCA, Daiva Žumbakienė. “Numbers were always the field that excited me the most. I never had a doubt that I will relate my life with the world of numbers, where everything is concrete, clear and there is left no space for ambiguity.”

Daiva Žumbakienė related her life with numbers more than 25 years ago, she worked as accountant for small as well as big companies, exercised chef financier functions in Scandinavian capital company. She was doing quite well and was forced not only to speak but to write in English too. However, later she decided to turn to audit because she got tired of routine. It has been 6 years now since she is working in audit company she established herself.

“Field of audit interests me the most – there is no monotony, different aspects, e.g., law, accounting, taxes and psychology – intertwine, and sometimes it might feel like marathon because you are never sure about tomorrow,” opens up Daiva Žumbakienė. “The level of adrenalin is quite high, because you have to survive, develop business, retain present clients and attract new ones.”

According to Daiva, clients most of the time wishes the full package of services, beginning with law and ending with questions concerning accounting and taxes. Auditor notices that foreign clients – either natural or legal persons – wish to get services in foreign language. So it is important that not only she, but her employees as well, would be able to communicate in English, French and Russian. Daiva nearly does not promote her services because she believes that the best advertisement is when a good word goes from lip to lip. Clients mostly come themselves and in this way circle widens. Sometimes it happens that clients apply with difficult problems that everyone else refuses to solve. Foreign clients address Raimda auditas UAB because company was recommended to them as providing diverse services package.

To the question what is the difference between accountant and auditor, Daiva answers philosophically: in her opinion, everything differs and there is no difference at the same time, because a lot depends on the features of the persons’ character. One might not want the name of auditor because he does not see the point in raising the bar. The others might lack a time as exams require a lot of preparation – one cannot work for his daily bread and take exams at the same time. According to Daiva, still there are quite a few accountants that you can have an interesting talk with and listen to their opinion. 

Daiva has passed ACCA exams but her name is still not on the list of professional accountants. “I have no time for finishing the documentation, because right now we have peak season here and there are things that has to be put aside. Besides I do not like to display my achievements, diplomas, social and other positions. I think that works done by a person should talk for themselves,” notices Daiva. In her opinion, the term “professional accountant” was translated from English to Lithuanian without consideration and there are still questions regarding this term. The bar is raised high and is set to be an aspiration for many organizations, but it is not that easy to become a member of International Federation of Accountants. 

Daiva observes recent discussions and issues on differences between accountant, chief accountant and professional accountant. “According to the law, different positions have different functions, but inside the company life goes in its own way,” states Daiva. “The management often does not set too much whether accountant is ill or tired – when 25th of each month comes and VAT declarations has to be prepared an accountant has to everything it takes. It does not matter if you are accountant or professional accountant, the most important is to seek for the knowledge. You are not allowed to say that you cannot name the differences between teleworking contract and fixed-term employment contract, are not aware of summary recording of working time, or you do not know many of tax laws or bylaw legal acts by heart. There is a huge amount of information, i.MAS innovation is on the way, as well as changes of Taxes Administration Act and Labour Code. I notice a trend to present pea seed as an elephant on the top of the Everest while big problems are attempted to be concealed.”

Daiva believes that only persistent person, reaching for his aim and having the capacity to think logically, can work as a chef accountant and auditor. It is not like someone will give you something on a plate – you have to earn your place under the sun. Computer literacy is also required, knowing Excel and Word programs, having programing primer. Psychological knowledge is relevant as well. Mrs. Daiva participates in writing National Dictation each year. In her opinion, there is no difference whether you are accountant, professional accountant, auditor, public servant or janitor, what is important is to do your job as good as you can, because Lithuanian prosperity depends upon this. 

“Though I am workaholic, which is not a good thing, I try to spend my free time reading books, going to theatre, philharmonic or a good concert,” says Daiva. “I live close to the forest, so I put on my sport shoes with pleasure and I make tree to ten kilometers running the pinewood pathways.”

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08 March 2016